3 Seasons

Spencer and Jayden scrambles to balance their relationship, career and personal life, but do they have solid foundation to weather the storm?

  • Wishful Thinking

    Episode 1

    It's a new day for Spencer and Jayden, both are embarking on a new journey in their lives but, things don't pan out the way they want it. Alex struggles to find ground in his growing relationship with Orlando, but he's determined to gain control.

  • Minor Inconveniences

    Episode 2

    Spencer, Jayden and Deidra are all disrupted in their daily duties by minor inconveniences. They are challenged to not lose their cool under pressure but, someone just might lose it, a bit. Spencer and Jayden have a heart to heart about their goals but it seems Spencer isn't 100% on board

  • Wayment!

    Episode 3

    Alex, Gary & Ian discuss The Current State Of Alexs Relationship, or lack thereof with Orlando while Jayden, Spencer and Deidra discuss living arrangement. However, an unexpected twist causes things to shift in a totally different direction

  • Big Bad Wolf

    Episode 4

    Spencer bonds with Mark over a mutual understanding. Jayden and Orlando finally comes face to face with Orlando and it doesn't go well. Deidra has a heart to heart with Nigel about the state of their relationship. Spencer gathers his things with Deidra but ends up giving Alex a piece of his mind.

  • The Gag Is

    Episode 5

    Ian recaps the shenanigans that took place between Alex and Orlando, he accidentally drops a bombshell causing Spencer to react. An unexpected scandal arises

  • Lavender and Baby Oil

    Episode 6

    Deidra finds herself frustrated as Victor fails to be intuitive about her needs. Spencer and Jayden have a heart to heart about work and spending their lives together. After an amazing evening with each other they find themselves bombarded with an unexpected guest, Ms. Stills

  • When It Rains, It Pours

    Episode 7

    Spencer meets Jayden's mother under awkward circumstances, however, family issues erupt in the nick of time. Alex finds himself frustrated with Orlando's lack of communication while Orlando is trying to bury the hatchet with Jayden.

  • The Calm Before The Storm

    Episode 8

    Deidra has a heart to heart with her father that brings clarity to her mother and Nigel. Jayden attempts to be transparent with Spencer but is interrupted by the drama he's trying to escape from. Alex is looking to cleanse himself of the fuckery but hasn't fully cleaned house yet

  • Reclaiming My Time

    Episode 9

    Spencer is invited to Marks Birthday get together, but does Mark have a hidden agenda? Deidra questions her future with Victor as her friends try to counsel her but she's distracted by the smoke and mirrors

  • Exposed Part 1

    Episode 10

    Gary convinces Orlando that he can get Alex on their wavelength. Deidra confronts her mother about why she’s been harboring resentment towards her. Alex is plagued with guilt, he seeks forgiveness from Ian but an emergency shifts everything into perspective.

  • Exposed Part 2

    Episode 11

    When tragedy strikes, the entire squad is brought together. Instead of uniting they're torn apart by secrets exposed. Deidra declares she's turning a new leaf moving forward. Karma finally pays Gary a visit. Jayden and Spencer comes to blows over repressed feelings.